Identifying Requirements for the Next Generation of Unmanned Ground Systems

The World is changing. Enemies are more strategically savvy, new technologies are being rapidly disseminated, and threats are becoming more complex. To stay at the cutting edge of Military Strength, the Military has recognized the need to embrace new innovations as they become relevant. Unmanned Ground Systems (UGS) is one of those innovations. They have the potential to eliminate the human factor from a variety of tasks on the battlefield, while increasing the overall operational area of each combat formation. UGS's have the potential to save lives while simultaneously making units more mobile and lethal. The military is looking to specifically include UGS's into combat formations, but before it does so, it needs to match objectives that are feasible with development and acquisitions that are affordable.

This conference will serve as an ideal venue for the Military to brief areas of concentration and priorities while Industry discusses future capabilities and development. The only thing missing from this event, is you!

Major Topics Include:


Sustainment, Integration, and Improvement of Current Technologies


UGS's Capabilities in "Battle of 2025"


Overcoming Warfighter Concerns About Unmanned Systems


Incorporating UGS's into Existing Combat Formations


Utilizing UGS's to Increase Maneuverability and Overmatch Capabilities

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